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We exist for the simple reason of bringing 'health' back into health-care.  So much of what most people experience within our medical health-care system is all about the removal of pain or unwanted symptoms -- with no regard to fixing the underlying problem.  Whether it is neck or back pain, Asthma, Ear Infections, or infertility, we can help you by addressing the underlying Nervous System impairment which for many people is the root cause of their problems, without drugs or surgery.  

We invite you to come and experience what Restoration Chiropractic can do for your health.  


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Kid's Day


Our next Kid's Day is Thursday, April 24, 2024. Schedule an appointment for your child (12 & under) today.



More Ways to Fight Scoliosis

In addition to being a certified doctor with the Scoliosis CLEAR Institute for Rehab based Scoliosis Treatment; Dr. Nick Weddle is also a certified provider of the ScoliBrace and a Fitting Center for the ScoliSMART Activity Suit.




What is Chiropractic?   

Chiropractic is the treatment to keep your spine and Nervous System healthy.  Your spine is made up of bones, or vertebra, that keep your body upright, and also act like armor to protect your Spinal Cord.  Your Nervous System is made up of your Brain and Spinal Cord, which control everything in your body.  

If your spine is unhealthy, it can cause problems with your Nervous System, which can lead to other problems like pain, headaches, or even nerve problems.  Nerve problems can then cause a variety of symptoms anywhere in your body, like asthma, infertility, reflux, stomach pain, etc.  An unhealthy spine is also going to cause joint and muscle pain, typically around the areas of the spine in the neck, mid-back, and low-back.    

Unlike medicine, which you only take when you have an obvious problem or symptom, Chiropractic adjustments are used even if you feel good, to keep your spine healthy, before it gets bad and causes problems.  So, it's ideal for kids, and even newborn babies, to have their spine checked regularly to prevent problems from starting.  

Are Treatments for Kids the same as Adults?

Chiropractic adjustments for kids are similar to treatments for adults, but customized for their little size.  The amount of force used in adjusting kids is significantly less than for adjusting adults.  In many cases, you will not hear any popping or noises with the adjustments.  We use both manual adjusting (with hands) and instrument adjusting for the specific care of children.  

Is Chiropractic safe?

Yes, Chiropractic is very safe for both kids and adults, with a much better safety record than nearly any medical treatment.  This is reflected in malpractice insurance rates for Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) compared to Medical doctors (MDs).  Common side effects can include soreness or pain from the treatment.  Although most of our patients feel better following treatment, it is not uncommon for a patient to experience some soreness the day-of or day-after treatment, especially if they have a significant spinal problem.  However, most will then begin to feel significantly better following any soreness they may experience.  

If I get an adjustment, do I have to keep getting adjusted in the future?
Many people have asked this same question in a manner of ways..."Will I become addicted to getting adjusted," or "...once I get adjusted, I'll have to always get Chiropractic care...?"  For many people who have never experienced Chiropractic treatments, there's a concern that once they receive a Chiropractic adjustment they will 'have' to keep getting them forever.  This is simply not true.  There is no physiological, biological, or psychological reason that would require someone to continue getting Chiropractic care.  Most people who choose to continue Chiropractic care do so not because they have to, but because they want to continue feeling good and functioning at a better level than before.     

While some people see Chiropractors only for injuries or acute pain situations, many people see them on a regular basis for preventative health care, even when they feel great.  This type of care doesn't make sense to our typical medical health care system.  Medical doctors are typically only seen when there is an obvious problem or symptom.  As a result, some patients feel a recommendation to continue seeing a Chiropractor on a maintenance schedule is 'unnecessary' or even that the doctor just 'wants all my money!'  This is similar to the regular maintenance you perform on your car to make it run well and last long.  You change the oil, rotate the tires, and maybe even change brake or transmission fluid or replace an air-filter.   You perform these tasks not because there's an obvious problem, but because you have a significant financial investment in your car and want to get as many miles out of it as possible.  The same applies to your body, especially since you can't just buy a new one if it 'breaks down.'  

How long does it take to fix my problem?

It completely depends upon the condition of your body/spine.  For many people, the pain or symptoms they are experiencing are the result of many years of stress/strain of a job or activity.  It is unlikely that a long-term problem will be fixed overnight.  For those undergoing the Spinal Correction process, we will be able to estimate the number of visits required for their care plan before they begin treatment.

However, Chiropractic never ceases to amaze me.  We frequently see patients with problems such as headaches/migraines, Bed-wetting, insomnia, etc. that respond almost immediately to treatments (some with just 1,2 or 3 treatments).   Each patient will be assessed according to their unique presentation and recommendations will be made for their personalized care.  We value good communication with each patient and want to empower them in their healing process.  

Can Chiropractic adjustments cause strokes?

Although very rare, there have been reported cases of strokes following aggressive adjustments of the neck, especially in persons with existing cardiovascular disease.  However, the odds of this happening are less than 1 in 3 million.  You are more likely to die from being struck by lightning (1 in 79,746), by a shark attack (1 in 60,453), or even being killed by fireworks (1 in 340,733).  There is a risk in everything, but it's good to see it in perspective.  

Interestingly, there have been numerous medical groups who have tried to discourage people from seeing Chiropractors due to this very small risk of stroke.  This criticism from the medical world seems a bit unbalanced given the reality that 440,000 Americans die each year as a result of preventable harm while they are hospitalized.  This is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.  [1]

Additionally, Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) (by correctly administered drugs) kill more than 100,000 Americans each year, making it between the 4th and 6th leading cause of death in the US.


1 - recent analysis in the Journal of Patient Safety (referenced from Consumer Reports)


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"How to Prevent Surgery & Disease"

Dr. Weddle discusses how important it is to do the 'right' things now, so that we don't end up needing surgery, drugs, and ultimately giving our bodies up to Disease and sickness.  

With the application of proper spinal health care and nutrition, we are seeing people on a weekly basis who are changing their lives for the better, and in a permanent way. 

Our Staff
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Dr. Nick Weddle, DC

I am a native of the Kansas City area.  I graduated from William Jewell College with a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med.  After spending a year living in Germany as a Youth Pastor and then working in KC, I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College here in KC, where I received my Doctorate.

I have been receiving Chiropractic adjustments since I was approximately 3 years old, and have seen first hand the benefits of having an optimally functioning nervous system as a result.  I have experienced very little sickness throughout my life -- a result of good preventative health care.  I am blessed to have a stepfather who is a wonderfully principled Chiropractor, and a mother who is a brilliant Certified Professional Midwife.  They have modeled for me the reality of how amazingly our bodies will take care of themselves when you provide for them the proper care and support (patience, nutrition, love, breast-milk and a healthy spine & nervous system).  

I have a beautiful daughter and a community of friends/family who make life an incredible adventure.  


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Mary Foust, Office Manager

I have lived in the Belton/Raymore area for the last 27 years.  I had a career in Personnel, Office and Contract Management in the Kansas City area until my retirement in 2009 to stay home and take care of my mom until her death in 2010.

I have received chiropractic care off and on for 40 years and have always been very healthy as a result of that care.  In 2010 I visited Dr. Nick because I was having trouble walking and climbing steps. After x-rays (the only ones I had ever received from a chiropractor) he showed me that I have severe scoliosis.  I was devastated, but he explained to me that there was hope for people suffering from Scoliosis.  I started doing the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute's Non-bracing and Non-surgical Scoliosis Correction program with Dr. Nick immediately.  As a result of these treatments, I am able to live my life again with less pain and improved function - and smaller curves too!  I feel privileged to be a part of his commitment to help people with Scoliosis not just to live with it, but to actually correct it.   

My husband Rick and I have 2 sons, 7 grand children and 3 great grand children.  My spare time is filled with friends and family that make my life a very full one. 

Marce with Puppy2_edited.jpg
Marce Kuhns, Certified Chiropractic Assistant

Before Restoration Chiropractic I worked for a charity helping impoverished children for 15 years. During my time there I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador which gave me a new perspective on life.

I spent a number of years focusing on music.  As a singer/songwriter I was a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association and wrote the songs for my CD project Labor of Love.  I performed at local opry’s, at a Nashville songwriter’s festival, and several times in Branson, Missouri. 

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 years old.  I watched and waited while my curve progressed. It led to pain, insecurity, and a postural deformity in my back.  My orthopedic doctor told me that it was best to just live with it and I did for over 20 years, but I never gave up looking for help.  Finally, at 38 years old I was searching online and found ScoliosisKC/Restoration Chiropractic.  Dr. Nick changed my life with this rehab based scoliosis treatment program.  My pain was eliminated, postural deformity reduced, and confidence restored.  With an overwhelming passion to help others with scoliosis and see them experience the same HOPE as I, I left my job of 15 years to begin a new career as an assistant to Dr. Nick.  I’m delighted to be here assisting patients on their journey of wellness.

When I’m not working, I love traveling, experiencing new things, spending time with my family, and my dog, spreading Scoliosis Awareness through my FB blog – The Crooked Life, and spreading HOPE through my charity - The Crooked Life Foundation.  

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