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Frequently Asked Questions about our program  (FAQs)

Am I too young or too old for this treatment?
The age of a patient is less important than their overall condition.  Theoretically, if they are physically able to perform the exercises and therapies, and to follow the appropriate instruction, their age doesn't really matter.  There have been children as young as 5 years old and those as old as 85 who have had success with the CLEAR treatment.


What if I've already had a surgery?
If a patient has already undergone some type of surgery, either a fusion or disc surgery, assessment will need to be performed to determine what, if any, the appropriate treatment might be.  Surprisingly, many patients who have had surgical fusion operations can be treated safely (despite what many medical doctors might tell you), and in many cases can be helped greatly by precise Chiropractic care.  As was discussed in the "Bracing & Surgery" page, the underlying spinal problems are often overlooked with the standard medical treatment of Scoliosis.  Accordingly, even years after surgery, these problems can still be present and symptomatic.  However, a thorough exam with xrays will need to be performed to accurately assess the spine's condition.  

Is correction important even though I don't have any pain or symptoms?
Yes, it is very important.  Just because you might not be experiencing any pain or symptoms from your Scoliosis now, doesn't mean that it will always be like that.  I can introduce you to many patients in their 50's, 60's and 70's who are living with chronic pain due to a degenerative Scoliotic condition.  Many of them are beyond the ability to correct or stabilize, and are subsequently forced to deal with the pain from their condition on a daily basis, utilizing medication, Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and prayer for even a small amount of relief.  For most of them this treatment option wasn't available when they needed it most.  Thankfully, if you are not experiencing any pain or other symptoms, the treatment itself will typically be easier for you to perform.  Many patient's are told that if they 'wait and see' (undergoing no medical treatment), their Scoliotic curves will stop progressing when they reach 'bone-maturity,' approximately 18-21 years of age.  However, research and personal experience show this to be false.  As long as the biomechanical forces are constant, most curves will continue to worsen over time.  

Do I have to do exercises or therapies at home?
Yes, there are daily exercises that you will be required to perform for a successful treatment outcome.  The home exercises are just as important as the in-office treatments.  These specialized exercises will be tailored for your unique Scoliotic condition, and will be the foundation for correcting your spine long-term.  

How much time does this treatment take?
Each patient's treatment length will vary depending on the condition of their spine.  There are no two cases that will be identical.  Upon completing the initial exam and consultation, we will discuss with you the required treatment time for you or your child.  

If you have another question not discussed above, 
please call or come in for a free consult.   

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