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Vaccination & Informed Consent:

My goal is to support informed consent regarding the use and recommendations regarding childhood and adult vaccinations.  

Informed Consent is defined as the process for getting permission before conducting a healthcare intervention on a person.  This takes place in every medical or healthcare clinic before any treatment can be given.  In order to give informed consent, the patient must have adequate reasoning faculties and be in possession of all relevant facts at the time consent is given. 

It is my opinion that most patients are not receiving an actual informed consent regarding vaccines because of a significant conflict of interest.  Patients are rarely given the true data regarding the short- and long-term consequences of vaccines, and are continually pacified by the statement, 'Vaccines are safe and effective,' despite what information is contained in the package inserts of each vaccine.  

If vaccines are 'safe,' then why has the US Govt paid approx. $3.8 Billion to children and adults who have been injured or killed due to an adverse effect of a vaccine?  

If vaccines are 'effective,' then why do we continually see 'outbreaks' of measles or whooping cough occurring in predominantly vaccinated populations?

These are just two of the many questions that I will address through this page and speaking engagements.  My goal is to provide families and communities with accurate information so that they can make a true informed decision regarding the use of vaccines and their family's health care.  

Is there really a problem with Conflict of interest and outright bias among our health care system?

The YouTube playlist to the left is a list of about 35 videos that explore topics of conflict-of-interest, scandal, political pressure, and unethical business and policy decisions that directly affect you and your family's health.  

I believe that the info in these videos here is enough to prove without a doubt that there is good reason to have concern and to ask more questions.   

The playlist below contains videos specific to Vaccines, the Vaccination program, and controversy surrounding it.  

Vaccine Issues" playlist - 55 videos

(Click here for playlist)

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