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How is Spinal Correction different than regular Chiropractic care?

Spinal Correction is the process of changing or correcting an improper curvature in the spine.  The process utilizes both regular Chiropractic adjustments, specific therapies/exercises and advanced adjustments to retrain the spine for a permanent, long-term correction.  While some people only need regular Chiropractic adjustments, many people need the Spinal Correction process to correct their structural problems and regain a healthy spine and Nervous System.  

Most people can easily understand this when thinking about posture.  

Someone with good posture stands upright, their head sits directly on top of their shoulders/spine, and their shoulders are back.  Someone with poor posture typically leans forward, with their head forward in front of their shoulders/spine, and their shoulders are rolled forward.  This poor posture is actually a structural problem with their spine, and not simply them 'being lazy.'  

Unfortunately, our culture teaches us that if someone has poor posture then it means they are lazy, and that they just need to try harder.  This is farthest from the truth.  

Yes, someone can always try harder to sit up straight or hold their head back, but it is always short lived. Their muscles are unable to hold that for more than a few minutes, and they will revert back to the poor posture simply cause their body is unable to physically hold that posture.  

The process of correcting the posture actually retrains the patient's neurological control of their spine, so that the improved position is now the new normal.  The patient doesn't have to 'try' really hard to sit up straight, rather, it's now the new 'normal' position.  

See a few examples to the right.   

Xray 1 image_edited.jpg
xray image 2_edited.jpg
xray image 3_edited.jpg
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