What to Expect

The ScoliBrace fitting exam requires the patient to be in specific clothing to allow a precise 3D mapping of the body.  

Male and Female patients need to wear tight fitting bottoms: for instance, items that are good - swim suit bottoms, boxer-briefs, yoga pants or yoga shorts, spandex shorts/pants, tight running shorts, ect.

Male patients will wear no shirt during the scan.

Female patients will need to wear a bra or swimsuit top that has a thin, low profile strap in the back.  Typical sports bras are too wide or bulky to facilitate an accurate scan.  

Before the scan is performed, each patient will have multiple skeletal landmarks with a black, washable marker to help identify posture and position of the patients curves, to maximize the most accurate fit for the brace.

After the scan the brace will be ordered.  Once it arrives another appointment will be scheduled to pick up the brace for wear.  After wearing the brace for the day the patient will come back the next day for any necessary brace modifications.  

1 month after wearing the brace the patient will return to the office for an in-brace x-ray.


3 months after brace fitting an out-of-brace x-ray will be taken.  Patient should not wear the brace for 1 hour prior to x-ray.


Every 3 months the patient will return for a follow-up visit.  At 6 month intervals patient will get an out-of-brace x-ray.   

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