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Our Staff
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Dr. Nick Weddle, DC
*CLEAR Certified in the treatment of Scoliosis, 1 of 26 doctors world-wide
*Board Certified in Chiropractic & Physical Therapy
*Highest Level Certification in Traumatology from the Spine Research Institute

I am a native of the Kansas City area.  I graduated from William Jewell College with a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med.  After spending a year living in Germany as a Youth Pastor and then working in KC, I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College here in KC, where I received my Doctorate.

I have been receiving Chiropractic adjustments since I was approximately 3 years old, and have seen first hand the benefits of having an optimally functioning nervous system as a result.  I have experienced very little sickness throughout my life -- a result of good preventative health care.  I am blessed to have a stepfather who is a wonderfully principled Chiropractor, and a mother who is a brilliant Certified Professional Midwife.  They have modeled for me the reality of how amazingly our bodies will take care of themselves when you provide for them the proper care and support (patience, nutrition, love, breast-milk and a healthy spine & nervous system).  

I have a beautiful daughter and a community of friends/family who make life an incredible adventure.  


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Mary Foust, Office Manager

I have lived in the Belton/Raymore area for the last 27 years.  I had a career in Personnel, Office and Contract Management in the Kansas City area until my retirement in 2009 to stay home and take care of my mom until her death in 2010.

I have received chiropractic care off and on for 40 years and have always been very healthy as a result of that care.  In 2010 I visited Dr. Nick because I was having trouble walking and climbing steps. After x-rays (the only ones I had ever received from a chiropractor) he showed me that I have severe scoliosis.  I was devastated, but he explained to me that there was hope for people suffering from Scoliosis.  I started doing the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute's Non-bracing and Non-surgical Scoliosis Correction program with Dr. Nick immediately.  As a result of these treatments, I am able to live my life again with less pain and improved function - and smaller curves too!  I feel privileged to be a part of his commitment to help people with Scoliosis not just to live with it, but to actually correct it.   

My husband Rick and I have 2 sons, 7 grand children and 4 great grand children.  My spare time is filled with friends and family that make my life a very full one. 

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Marce Heflin, Certified Chiropractic Assistant

Before Restoration Chiropractic I worked for a charity helping impoverished children for 15 years. During my time there I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador which gave me a new perspective on life.

I spent a number of years focusing on music.  As a singer/songwriter I was a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association and wrote the songs for my CD project Labor of Love.  I performed at local opry’s, at a Nashville songwriter’s festival, and several times in Branson, Missouri. 

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 years old.  I watched and waited while my curve progressed. It led to pain, insecurity, and a postural deformity in my back.  My orthopedic doctor told me that it was best to just live with it and I did for over 20 years, but I never gave up looking for help.  Finally, at 38 years old I was searching online and found ScoliosisKC/Restoration Chiropractic.  Dr. Nick changed my life with this rehab based scoliosis treatment program.  My pain was eliminated, postural deformity reduced, and confidence restored.  With an overwhelming passion to help others with scoliosis and see them experience the same HOPE as I, I left my job of 15 years to begin a new career as an assistant to Dr. Nick.  I’m delighted to be here assisting patients on their journey of wellness.

When I’m not working, I love traveling, experiencing new things, spending time with my family, my dog, spreading Scoliosis Awareness through my FB blog – The Crooked Life, and spreading HOPE through my charity - The Crooked Life Foundation.  

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