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Scoliosis Consult Video


1 and 2 Week Scoliosis Treatment Programs Available! 

Watch this video before meeting with Dr. Nick for your consult and write down any questions you have.  Also, read through our treatment program booklet, and fill out the paperwork to bring with you.

*When referencing "traditional bracing" it is specifically referring to the Boston Brace, Milwaukee Brace, or similar TLSO brace, which is most commonly used in medical orthopedic Scoliosis bracing.  

This website is designed to give you an introductory look at our treatment for reducing and stabilizing Scoliosis.  This treatment program was developed by the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 2001, and has developed into the most effective non-bracing and non-surgical Scoliosis correction available.  There are currently now approx. 24 doctors worldwide offering the CLEAR treatment protocols, with thousands of patients who have benefited from this state-of-the-art treatment program.

My name is Dr. Nicholas Weddle, and I am the owner/physician of Restoration Chiropractic – Spinal Correction & Family Health Center LLC,  in Belton, MO.  We are located 20 minutes South of Kansas City, and 20 minutes East of Overland Park, KS. I am considered a Standard Certified Doctor in the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.  

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The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.

Scoliosis Rehab Treatment Tips & Inspiration from a ScoliosisKC Teen 

Our Treatment

Our treatment can be summarized into 3 steps:  "Mix, Fix, and Set."  "Mix" is the warm up.  It includes multiple passive and active exercises and therapies to prepare the spine.  The "Fix" step consists of the specific Chiropractic adjustments, performed both with manual and instrument adjusting.  The last step is "Set."  This is the process to retrain the spine to hold the newly corrected position, whether reducing a Scoliotic curve or increasing a neck or low back lordosis.  This process allows a long-term change due to the affect on the neurological control of posture.  

Since we now understand that Scoliosis is a neurological disease rather than just a skeletal disease, the treatment focuses on removing the interference from the spinal cord and nerves, allowing the Nervous System to control and regulate the body as it is designed to.  

This is accomplished by first correcting the subluxation in the upper neck, and secondly by addressing the Scoliotic curves in the mid- and low-back.  As you briefly saw in the video above, our treatment utilizes very specific Chiropractic adjusting to the neck, midback and lower back, specialized therapies for reducing the Scoliotic curves, and finally specific isometric exercises and vibrational therapy to retrain the spine.  This process corrects and retrains the neurological control which leads to long term improvement and correction, without the need for outside support by a brace or surgical hardware.  

The CLEAR Scoliosis treatment program is the answer to many Scoliosis researchers who are convinced that the 'REAL' answer to treating Scoliosis lies not in surgery or bracing, but in PREVENTATIVE and EXERCISE-BASED treatment options.  As was stated in the journal, Scoliosis, "The goal for research into the etiology of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) should be to find a cure (other than surgery) as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow... [1] 

Well, tomorrow has come!

Using a synthesis of the research literature related to the aetiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis to provide ideas on future directions for success. Keith M Bagnall,  Scoliosis 2008, 3:5 doi:10.1186/1748-7161-3-5  -

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